Life is an Austin Seven: Mike Stickland (1994)

2015-04-23 08.21.54I bought Coping with Cancer and Chemo – A Personal Encounter (Life is an Austin Seven) on the strength of the Seven shooting brake body and the strapline title on the front cover. (And because it was £2 delivered, on Ebay) The author clearly had a good marketing advisor, as it has probably brought countless secondhand and new sales over the years on the strength of the subtitle, alluding to his father’s rebuilding of a car, accounted only in pages 92-96 of the 96 page book. The ingenuity his father put into rebuilding the Seven ‘was also applied with such love and devotion to providing [handmade] gifts for his children’. All creditable stuff. There is no other content on Sevens other than the use as a metaphor for life. For those interested in coping strategies for illness, it should be pointed out that it is a book strongly advocating religious belief and quoting scripture through most of the book. It was sad to see that nobody on or has reviewed the book in the 20 years since its first publishing. I wonder if the rather characterful wooden-bodied car still survives? ISBN 1 873796 43 9


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