A ‘Sixties photographic archive

2015-07-06 14.25.46I came across – and purchased – 100 photographic slides from the late 60s, entitled Austin 7. They must tell some story of past ownership and may have come from an estate, as the generations have passed. Or you may know different. They were originally purchased at auction in 2013 by an automotive literature collector. It might be quite fun to try and re-unite them with present car owners if I can find them – and to record the reminiscences of others. I will upload more as I have to go through the process of scanning them… Let us know your thoughts!

Frank Tiedeman’s Ulster apparently, and some good thoughts on dating Beaulieu from the other exhibits present. Here are a few more scanned. Lance Sheldrick recognises the first image as a 1901 Georges Richard Type 1. The Chummy is entitled ‘My Chummy’ and the slide is factory-dated 1970.

Next batch:

Next batch; some duplicates included at different exposures. The line of cars with the primrose Chummy with wheel covers is entitled ‘Naddwater 1965’. The Ulster which we think is the Tiedeman car is entitled ‘1930 Ulster’. I am starting to get a distinct familiarity with some of the images; anyone else have this feeling?

Last batch:

One thought on “A ‘Sixties photographic archive

  1. The car referred to in Nadwater, as a primrose chummy is not a chummy it has dumb irons, 4 stud disc wheels , fluted bonnet etc


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