Vat 69 and Clarkson Rose

A family friend suggested ‘calling round to see a couple of Austin Sevens’ and we jumped into a Bentley 3 litre in the pouring rain, hood down, for the trip. I subsequently found a couple of notable links to our destination that day, which gave me a little more insight behind the sights and sounds therein. Motorsport reviewed a new small book, ‘A Case of Vat 69‘ in April 1970:

I had greatly enjoyed another little publication, also issued privately, about another adventurous journey. This was a booklet called “A Case of Vat 69”, by Graham Rankin and Martin Boag, being an account of their journey last year from England to Australia in a 1932 Austin 7 saloon. The title is taken from the initials of “Vintage Australian Transport 1969”. The Austin gamely covered a total of 12,200 miles between England and Singapore and if it broke a half-shaft like the aforesaid Morris and needed a complete re-bore in Madras, after 8,500 miles, this was probably accentuated because the air-cleaner wasn’t functioning and, anyway, this is far in excess of the annual mileage such Austin 7s are likely to be subjected to in going to and from old-car rallies and they can still be purchased for quite modest sums (Rankin’s cost £40, before preparation for its marathon).

So that gave some background to the cars, and this clip gave a topical link to another sculptural form – of the Zonophone 5285 EMG Xb Oversize Gramophone complete with Burmese thorn needle. This by Clarkson Rose from 1928:

If you liked that, compare to a Norman Long cover version from 1932:

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