The Special-Builder’s Guide (750 Motor Club; 1950s)

A rare beast, printed by the Figaro Press SW6 perhaps first in 1954, with an introduction by the then Seven-Fifty Club General Secretary Colin Peck. It brought together all the Technical articles from 1949-1953 by the likes of Holland Birkett, Jack French, A.M.R. Mallock and L. M. Ballamy; just under 100 pages neatly and simply bound in plain light blue paper cover. A few period cartoons – what’s not to like? Sadly, quite rare now.2015-11-10 10.19.152015-11-10 10.19.452015-11-10 10.19.57specialbuildersguide

One thought on “The Special-Builder’s Guide (750 Motor Club; 1950s)

  1. My much read copy of this paper covered ‘Special Builders Guide’ has no date but the introduction is by Ken Welfare, General Secretary of the Seven-Fifty-Motor Club, published by the Limited Club, 56 Harrow Road, Bedfont, Middlesex.
    Checking ABE Booksearch reveals later (1960? ) editions with a green paper cover featuring a line drawing of a Chummy, and mention of a similar hard cover second edition.
    This book was replaced by the ‘Austin Seven Companion’ in 1980 – my heavily used copy is the 11th impression 2006.


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