Windscreen rubber for Nippy & 65

June 2016 Update: This is the new rubber that Chris Gould sourced from a tiny section of his original rubber and has now had manufactured.

windscreen rubber

screen rubber1Here is a period drawing of the screen rubber in a 1933 roadtest. It appears to be flat rather than curved, and coming from the centre of the attachment profile. Any thoughts on choices from the selection of modern profiles listed below? What have you used?

Edgware rubber
possible 65/Nippy windscreen rubber sections

2015-04-08 11.36.34

2 thoughts on “Windscreen rubber for Nippy & 65

  1. After extensive searching I have purchased a rubber which appears to replicate the original rubber I removed from my Nippy Screen. It is available from Kit Spares their Black T Seal Ref.TR10008 £13.08 inc VAT & postage for a 1.2M length and delivered next day.


  2. I have just been told about your web site. By coincidence I need a length for myself and two lengths for a couple of friends. I have a piece of genuine rubber on my Nippy which is in Bentley Motor Museum near Lewes. It is perished and split but I was able to get about half a inch from it suitable for copying. Viking Extrusions are making a die to reproduce it and are supplying me with 20 metres of the extrusion. I am waiting to hear when it is ready.


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