These pictures from Bertie Fowler’s restoration of a later 1936 car show the original seat base layout with inserted steel plate (here remade in 20swg steel) protecting the seat base bag – to which the inflatable cushion was added. The dimensions and construction details are provided in Chris Gould’s Nippy/65 Guide. Restoring the originals is time-consuming and expensive, so one can see why other seat bases – from more common cars -have been adopted over the years.

This is a Nippy seat frame:

nippy seat frame

Here are some others which could have been used over the years, if Nippy seats have been lost:

Conversely the images below are from car with a good degree of originality. It shows a Ruby-type base, with curved metal plate fixed on a wooden surround. Seat squab width 13 & 3/4″; frame 15″ and pleat width 1 & 3/4″. Are there other original Nippies existing with seat bases similar?

There are also two Nippies (1935, 1936) known with wood bases to the seats like this:

2016-08-17 22.42.39

Can you add anything to the discussion that might confirm or deny there were other options to the inflatable seat? Please make contact or send images.

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