bonnet studs

The addition of chromed bonnet studs on either side of the hinge allows the bonnet to be opened and rested fully back onto the other side without damaging paintwork (but must exert pressure on the flat plane of the  bonnet top).

The varied locating dimensions of those found suggests that they might be aftermarket or dealer fitments.

Do you have information to the contrary?

If you have these fitted, could you provide the distances from centre hinge and from edge of bonnet panel, to see if there is any consistency in the measurements.


1933 car:
6 inches in from front and rear of panel
3 inches in from centre line at front
4 inches in from centre line at rear

Nick B’s studs as fitted to the dull red ’65’ bonnet in the images above:


2 thoughts on “bonnet studs

  1. My early 65 bonnet has no such studs fitted and doesn’t appear ever to have had them fitted. As you suggest aftermarket is certainly true for early ones.


    1. As Jon already knows, I’ve had to eat my words and say yes it did have studs fitted. Going through my box of rusty nuts and bolts from the car today I found three of the four chromed bonnet studs. 5/8ths diameter head with a 1/4 BSF screw thread.


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