body number

One of the primary contributors to originality of the 65/Nippy is the body and its stamped body number, and yet many car owners do not know of its presence, probably because of the confusion with the car number and its associated plate.

There appear to be 3 phases for body numbering on the 65/Nippy:

The 65s recorded have car numbers in the range B7-4602 to B9-7108, but recording is ambiguous as some owners have provided the stamped BODY number instead. Early Nippies continue, from B9-XXXX into C-XXX (with numbers recorded from 161 to 1992, the latter at chassis number 198193).

From mid-1934 build, a stamped body number BECOMES the car number, prefixed by AEB. Thus an original car will have a car number AND a stamp on the body that are related.

Car numbers are noted on the logbook and a plate of similar dimensions to the chassis number plate is often present on the nearside scuttle edge. Solid copper rivets. (The lower picture has unoriginal rivets and the plates may be replacements).


From July 1936 build, separate car numbers end. (First register entry at AEB2419XX, but most in the region of 2507XX onwards). The CHASSIS number BECOMES the car number, prefixed by EB rather than AEB.

The corners of the plate are radiused.

Notice the difference in the character size between pictures above and below for the stamped letters.

Solid aluminium rivets.


A scuttle chassis plate will not be present.

Body stamping

A stamp on the body will relate to the series of body numbers which have an observable (but not linear) relationship to the chassis number. The body number is found just behind the handbrake plate, on the front end of the transmission tunnel. If filled with paint, scratch away with a screwdriver to expose just the number, putting some vaseline on the exposed metal if you wish to keep the number visible.

The digits on a Phase 1 car (below) are 1/2″ in height. Those on a phase 3 car (second picture)  are 1/4″ with calipers in the bottom of the stamping; 5/16″ (or 8mm) to the edges, with a ruler.



If you do not know if you have a body number, have a search. You can see the range for other cars on the chronological photo registers accessed at the top of the page – but not all cars have them included in their Survivors’ Register details.

If you do find one, please let this site know through the contact section above. Pictures of other examples would be welcome, as would corrections to any of the above.

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