door retainer strap and ends

An archive image from Dave Adams’ 65 seems to show an original placement for the door strap. Note the position of the strap ends to ensure that the strap doesn’t pull across the aperture. Can anyone else confirm or provide other evidence to the contrary?

Here are some images of original strap ends, of circa 1.2mm thickness chromed brass:

Nick Boorman embarked on making some replacement items and reports: “I had one original strap end, of about 1.2mm thickness. I used a piece of 3/16 angle iron as my former/jig. Cutting & filing as per dimensions. Drill and countersink 3 x 1/8″ holes symmetrically on top face as drawing. Cut a strip of (minimum 0.8 to) 1.2 mm brass to width (an overlong piece is easier), mark out shape and cut off waste at all corners. Clamp carefully on top of jig, ensuring all overlaps are square to edge of jig. Drill hole from under side and fit a temporary nut & bolt. Repeat drilling for other two holes and bolt in place. Remove clamp. Place angle iron in vice and remove one nut/bolt. Place a suitably sized ball bearing on top of the exposed bolt hole. Strike hard and sharp with a medium weight hammer. Replace bolt with a countersunk set screw and nut. Repeat for other two holes. Carefully bend down the three sides. For the remaining edge, clamp a piece of rounded edge steel across the work and bend the last edge up and around. Clean up edges and off to the chromers!”


The results are very satisfactory:

My own efforts were a little more rudimentary, but it’s quite easy now the job has been laid out for us in stages.

The selection of the right material seems key – the one on the left below – a first attempt – is a lot thicker than the one on the right, and far less satisfactory to make professionally. The one on the right is of thinner gauge than the originals, but will do in the first instance, just to get things in place so the doors do not swing and contact with other bodywork.

2017-01-17-12-25-35 2017-01-17-12-26-18 2017-01-17-14-03-25

Anyone got information or images to add to this section? Please make contact.

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