leather loom clips – restorers’ Chinese whispers

Restoration of cars is beset with good but misplaced intention. This is recent evidence of Nippy loom clips below the cutout, photographed from a 1937 car:

This information echoes the findings from Chris Gould’s 1936 car in the 1970s. The 1937 straps are assessed as ‘originally black’; Chris remembers a ‘dirty grey colour’. Rigorous observation from several sources thus gives corroboration of likely original equipment.

In contrast Rinsey Mills’ Original Austin Seven book details fibre clips on a Jewel series car and actively makes a statement as to their originality. Some digging unearths that this was down to the interpretation of the writer; the owner/restorer of the car used leather to replace leather and stated that ‘dog collars from pet shops were about right’. On questioning the colour, they were, as found, originally….. black.

So Mills creates an unfortunate precedent with a statement of the wrong material, but also highlights an “original restoration” that has changed an original colour of a material. Such books are perceived as a conveyor of facts. 

4 clips were observed on this non-Sports. These are the same clips 15,000 miles later:

So the two photos above do NOT show original loom clip colour, nor are they made of fibre.

Restorer beware – check sources of evidence carefully.

One thought on “leather loom clips – restorers’ Chinese whispers

  1. As we own an export Nippy (left hand steering) 1933, we are highly interested and follow this site with great interest.


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