Mirror restoration

Chris Gould reported: “I have never seen one before, but have been given one that needs a bit of work. I can see that it is correct as it is a Lucas one and the diameter is about the length of the mounting bracket as in the photo of Ida Lupino’s Nippy (below). I already had an original bracket. The clamp isn’t correct but can be modified. The puzzle is how the mirror was made. The case is all one piece and the rim is folded over the glass. The glass is spring loaded against the rim. It must have been painted after assembly. I have had to saw through the rim to get it apart”.

The restored mirror is shown below. You will see that it looks like the original and as the diameter is roughly the same as the height of the bracket Chris Gould reckons it is the right one. It is made by Lucas and is stamped Type 135.

The restoration was a big job. The mirror glass came from a larger wing mirror with the correct convex curvature, cut down to fit.  Chris glued the glass to a piece of wood that was glued to the inside of the case with Araldite. He filled the inside of the rim with body filler to mask any gaps.

The clamping bracket may not be correct as it didn’t come with the mirror, but it looks right. Chris also doesn’t know if it should have a cap nut, but it look good.

Can anyone contribute anything to this post, perhaps through a contemporary photo or  a mirror that is still on their car? Let us know.

One thought on “Mirror restoration

  1. Originally the glass was spring loaded against the rim. I would have done the same; but the man who reduced the size of the larger glass cut it an eighth of an inch too small a diameter. The outside of the glass was now about the size of the inner diameter of the rim. Therefore I used the glued in wooden packing. The body filler inside the rim was to hide any small gaps.


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