Austin LHD Nippy – body 525

A fine database of images of 214096, an early steel LHD car with remains of an Austin body tag.

It has plenty of original detail and some features different to RHD cars we are familiar with. The gearbox is stamped ‘S’ for sports. (205 S 2 SYN66S). The gearbox top is stamped S and has a ribbed top cover. The axle ratio is 5.625; the casing is stamped 8/45. The axle and gearbox are BOTH stamped with 11/2/35.

Please add comments of what you spot of interest (and also features that you think could be original to other LHD cars) and then it can be integrated into the main post in time. (Note – the body number appears as 535 in these images but has been closely scrutinised already)

This car may be available for restoration as the owner runs another Nippy and thinks this one deserves being back on the road.

Click on images for a better resolution slideshow:


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