Boot floor & fittings

Chris Gould’s book outlines the construction details of four of the original wooden blocks which were screwed in place to hold toolkit items. This 1933 drawing details their use:2017-04-12 07.28.09

However, at the time there was no information available on the blocks at the lower end of the boot, near the petrol tank inlet. Nick Boorman’s car identifies the first missing block a the bottom of this picture:

This car now in Australia identifies items for jack storage further below:

Australian Nippy 5nippy boot furniture crop

The scoop possibly fits the rolled/swaged stiffening rib on the rear boot floor upright panel. The depressed circle – ideas?

Here is the structure and measurements:

This is the end block of the construction from the Gould car, which corroborates the item in the Australia car:

This is the jack position on the construction, without the end block:

The Myerscough car has what seems like a complete construction, with the end blocks linking a stringer rail at the front and rear of the boot floor, as well as the curved stringers which come down the edge of the boot aperture:


Are there any more elements in other cars that you can tell us about to further corroborate these new blocks? Please send any information you can add – photos or dimensions.

Images below show various elements; click on one for larger slide show. See the Gould book for the plans and dimensions for reconstruction.



2 thoughts on “Boot floor & fittings

  1. Chris is going to create something and test with a Nippy jack and explore further.
    I will have a go with some polystyrene too and we can compare the results!
    I’ve just noticed, there also appears to be a wooden plate under both the bottom blocks, overlaying the metal of the boot hollow/base.


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