axle filler plug


The axle filler plug was fitted on Nippies as the clearance was reduced by the proximity to the petrol tank. It seems to have been fitted for access from the offside.

Sizes measured from an original on Chris Gould’s car:
0.75” across flats of the “cube”; 0.93” across the diagonal to the radiused bits
1.08” overall length of which 0.67” is the box bit
0.42” across flats of the grease nipple (presumably this will determine the thread type…)
0.51” across threads of the screw in bit


weight about 50grammes

originally a bolt rather than the grease nipple (see the blueprint above)

The thead is apparently the same as the screw in plug on a wheel hub.

Anyone interested in having one of these made? Or has anyone already made one themselves? Or if you have one with the original bolt, would you send a photograph please.

2007-07-18-04-45-35 2007-07-18-04-44-29 2007-07-18-04-44-53 2007-07-18-04-44-41 2007-07-18-04-45-13

Here is a recreation made by Ian Williams in 2017 for his own car:

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