Anyone remember or own DTN 426?

A past owner reminisces:
It was mine in 1968, I rescued it from a burnt out building and it was in a bad way, but complete, and had a proper Speedy engine in it. Because Pitmans book of the Austin Seven described the sports model as having this engine I did not place a particularly high value on it – I thought at the time that all Nippys had it. But in fairness I was only 16 at the time!
I last heard of it going through Edmonds Auction partially restored several years ago. I also had two 65 cars; I have to confess making one reasonable car out of the two. VE 9175 has the body from APH984 and vice versa. Neither car was broken up, one was sold complete but in bits, the other was sold as a runner. I wish I still had the 3 of them now…
Can anyone provide any recent history on DTN 426, VE 9175 or APH 984? Do they still survive?

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