21st birthday Nippy kept for 60 years needs new owner

Courtesy of the Vintage Austin Register, long term Nippy owner Ann Lloyd in Canada writes:

“When I was 21 (which is a big deal in Wales; key of the door and all that stuff) my father presented me with this Austin Nippy saying “If I had money you would get an MG.  As it is, here’s an Austin Nippy with a speedy engine and a drip feed sump”, or words to that effect.  I was at University at the time and having it was a blast. I called her Heffalump from the Winnie the Pooh stories as just like Heffalump we seemed never to get caught. 

We had high adventures. A flat on the motorway where a truck driver stopped to help me: he wouldn’t take money but wanted to be named a “Knight of the Road”, an initiative which a tabloid newspaper was running at the time. In London I beat another truck at a stop light so that at the next one he yelled at me “You think you’re so clever in that cat’s whisker of yours, don’t you?”.  Another time in driving rain on Christmas Eve I got stopped by the police; the UK had just introduced driving and drinking laws.  “Is this your car?”, they demanded.  With rain all over my face and the lights dimming because the windshield wiper was working, I responded “Who the hell else would want it” and they laughed and let me go.

Anyway life got in the way. I got a job writing for two women’s magazines in London so the car remained in my parents’ garage in Wales. From there I emigrated to Montreal, Canada and the car stayed in Wales.  My parents died in 1994 and 1995 so I had the car stripped and rebuilt still with the same engine. Then when I sold the house I had her shipped in a container to Canada in 1999 where since then I have put on only around 100 kilometres. She rests in our barn on St Joseph’s Island in Ontario and now we have sold the farm so Heffalump, after 60 years with me, has to be go.”

The car was first registered on 1 September 1936 and Ann has owned it for over 60 years.  If you are interested in finding more about the car, make contact through the archive and emails will be forwarded.

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