Did you buy a mustard yellow 65 in 1986?

Terry McGrath mentioned a 65 with former links to Jersey/Guernsey. In 1968, he found, bought and towed it back from Merseyside to Warwickshire; 100 miles in sub-zero condition on a short rope and with no windscreen. The awful paint-job was red, so no indication of the original colour, or registration.  Of course I he said he should have noted the stamped on body number, but didn’t.

Before it was restored, when red, he and Les Gammon drove down to Brittany in 2 Nippys in 1968.

The front car (above) is what was then CUR 758 featured in the Grey Mag recently. Terry restored his new 65 (the one behind); these three shots are from 1970:


and then raced it at Silverstone; here in VSCC meets in 1977.


He did the 1982 LEJOG in it and came in 2nd to Andy Storer in his Nippy in just over 18 hours.

It may be recognisable today by the shallow headlights with fluted glass, the pale wood dashboard; the vertical curved spars supporting the boot opening are laminated – and all chassis and mechanical parts are stove enamelled.

Terry would love to know who owns it now, so if you remember the mustard yellow, unregistered 65 from 1986 time – please shout! We should also check whether it could be the early roadtest car mentioned here. It would have been re-registered on purchase unless it is still sitting in a barn…


One thought on “Did you buy a mustard yellow 65 in 1986?

  1. My interest in Austin 7s has been ignited with the recent purchase of a 1928 Chummy with the internet yeilding lots of information about them. from the DVLA website I see that my father’s Nippy ANU 268 is still around .lt was Canary yellow when he had it..now it is red. he had it in 1942 .when he parted with it to Parish Motors, Preston, it was bought by an RAF airman. l would be pleased to know who has it now.


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