early and late 65s for sale

Body 10 has surfaced in Kent and Wayne Horn has kindly confirmed the stamped number. Chassis 167602, it is registered in January 1933 so makes it far earlier than the likely July/August 1933 of the road test car ALE 578. You can see the advert here.

We wondered whether there might be evidence of the knife edge to the dash top, but Wayne thinks possibly not, despite some work in that area. Here is some evidence from the early body owned by Greig Smith in South Africa and you can see other posts with the CZ registered car in USA and that of Nick Boorman in UK. We can only surmise that with ALE appearing to have the feature, they trialled a few cars with it a little into the run… and decided against it? Theories on an e-postcard please.

News too of a late (1934) 65 with a Barlow crank in Nottingham. I’ll pass on the details to anyone who is interested if you don’t have access to the PWA7C magazine.


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