Comparative parts listing

Matthew Myerscough writes: This is a spreadsheet/table that I have complied from a parts list in the Austin Service Journal and two of the scanned parts lists from the A7CA Archive. My idea was to try and identify the individual parts that are specific to Nippy/65’s compared with parts that were standard (i.e used on all – Saloons, Nippy, Tourer etc). All the parts lists are dated within 8 months of each other for continuity of comparison. Admittedly, because of the dates involved it was based more on Nippy’s as apposed to 65’s but these are the only sources I could find that list the 9E/9C numbers instead of the early illustrative ‘reference numbers’ in the likes of publication 1169 (1933).
I’ve looked through all three lists and tried to find identical descriptions for each part and then transpose the part numbers for comparison. Where I have noted N/A it just means I couldn’t find the part on that particular list. For example if I take the flywheel cover, I couldn’t find any reference in either of the Nippy lists so if my understanding is correct I would be okay to use part number 1A3129 which was a standard fitment for the range at that period. The standard parts list was quite expansive so I haven’t listed things like nuts and washers but I’d say I’ve transposed 98% of the list and all of the Nippy lists.
I hope this is of help to other Nippy owners. Click on individual sheets for an enlargement.

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