Basildon Bond ALM 971?

David Barraclough writes to inform of a 60’s Motorsport advert. It was followed a few weeks later by a delightful spoof letter printed in the correspondence pages in which the writer commented on how well his Nippy was running – but apologised for the dreadful quality of the notepaper.

The car appears to still be on the register through the 750MC. A black 65. Or do you think it is a different registration? Remember, sending one email can make a new post. Some of you have contributor and editor rights for the archive. Others could do the same while lockdown is on!Nippy Basildon Bond advertisement

Here is a reply… it refers to 271 rather than 971 which would make it April-ish 1933 registered. A bit earlier than ALE 578 the test car, and behind the January ’33 registration of body 10 recently featured (and now sold I hear) on the archive.Motor Sport 1965 (2)

4 thoughts on “Basildon Bond ALM 971?

  1. An interesting picture. There are no recent search results for MOT history checks etc, but using a different check ALM 971 comes up as showing that it was registered as Red, but make and model are recorded as unknown, so I cannot be sure that is the right car. The only other numbers I think could fit are ALM 271 or ALM 371, of which ALM 271 has no data that I can find at all and ALM 371 has no make, model or colour info and shows as being petrol, but then using a different check ALM 371 was registered 28 July 1933, the last V5C was issued 12 October 2005, but the engine size is recorded as 250 cc. It is currently not taxed for road use and shows no MOT history. As we know the DVLA can get data entry wrong, I know some Austin 7’s with no engine size recorded, so the wrong one is also possible, but it looks unlikely to me to be ALM 371. Hope that this might be of some help.


    1. Hi , ALM971 is was a Type65 . I owned it from mid 1985 until late 1988 . It came from a family that had owned it from the early 1960’s . When I got it , it had the original sports engine solid mounted , c/ratio crash box with the fibre front propshaft U/J . The chassis no was 179336 . It was registered September 33 . I used it a lot and drove it hard do a couple of VSCC events in it . Eventually it ran a big end . When I stripped the engine it was in a right state . Crankcase cracked round block studs , little ends oval . I built up a std engine but tuned , big valves over size oil pump , reliveled block . And fitted a brand new Austin 8 carburettor . Drove much smoother and just as fast . I changed the propshaft for a Ruby one as I got feed up of the front u/J breaking up . Had one let go on the M1 on the way too Autokarn Wollaston park . I sold it as it was not much good for competition events ! It went with the original engine but I believe the guy that bought it sold the engine separate from the car ! Had the wrong headlights 7” off an early 50’s MG y type saloon . On the v5 of the time . I think
      It said Austin sports or it might of been Austin65 . Hope this is of some help .


  2. was also thinking, the AL plates are London and this one is from just before the LightCar test car ALE 578 (also a knife edge scuttle) which we are also searching for, with purported Jersey links…


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