Late Nippy Petrol Gauge

Following on from my parts list comparison, I thought I would take a look at the gauges for my dash panel restoration. When I looked at the lists it suggests that from chassis number 239165 the petrol gauge that was fitted, had the part number 2H1079. this was supported by the later parts list 1406NS which also had the 2H1079 listed. In contrast the ‘standard’ fitment is listed as 2H1417. Unfortunately I discovered that I had the 2H1417 so I set about trying to find the correct gauge on the assumption that the part number would be labelled just above the needle as is with the 2H1417 version.

I was struggling to find any references, photographic or otherwise for the 2H1079 version, leading me to think that they could have been labelled differently. Thankfully that was not the case as Chris Gould very kindly looked through his gauges and found the example below.

IMG_20200507_185033 (3).jpg(Photo courtesy of Chris Gould – Example of 2H1079 X30406 gauge)

Below is my ‘standard’ 2H1417 X37650 for comparison .IMG_2296.jpg

Chris has informed me that although the above example of the 2H1079 has cut outs for side illumination, they appear to be a man made adjustment. Therefore, I think it is safe to assume that the 2H1079 does not normally have any cut outs for side illumination which in turn would make sense as the Nippy’s don’t have back-lit instrument lighting. This in contrast to the 2H1417 example which has cut outs for direct lighting. Other than this the dial face appears to be identical.

To date, this is the only example I have come across. It would be interesting to see if anyone else has got a 2H1079 fitted to their Nippy – please make contact.

Matthew Myerscough


UPDATE 22-01-2021

I have recently come across a Youtube video showing a 2H1079 in situ. I appreciate that some of the other gauges/lights are non standard, but it is the first one I have actually seen in a car. Unfortunately I don’t have any other details of the vehicle/owner.

Has anyone else had chance to check their Nippy gauges?

3 thoughts on “Late Nippy Petrol Gauge

  1. I have just checked my 1936 Nippy and also a 1935 two seater. Both have the same fuel gauge marked with 2H1417 and X37650 above.
    The two seater has rear instrument lighting being in the later Ruby style instrument panel. I presume that the Nippy gauge has provision for rear instrument lighting as well but can’t see without removing the panel.
    I guess it makes sense that the fuel gauges made for the Ruby model were also used in the Nippy earlier style instrument panel as could be the case for other commonly shared instruments. Speedos, oil pressure gauges and ammeters not being common in most cases.

    Of course I can’t be 100% sure that the fuel gauge in my Nippy hasn’t been replaced over the years. Be interesting to see if other owners can identify the 2H1079 gauge in their Nippys.
    Bruce Shearer


  2. Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for taking the time to look at your gauges. Like you, up until recently I thought that the instruments were shared but I believe that certain instruments like the petrol gauge and ammeter have subtle differences that would explain the different part numbers.

    Matthew Myerscough


  3. Hi,
    I’ve just found your website after owning my Nippy for about 30 years! Mine also has the 1417 fuel gauge which I would assume to be the original as I have the car’s history since 1943 after speaking with the person who bought it then a few years after I bought the car. He told me he had done very little to the car in the 40 odd years he owned it before selling it back to the UK. The mystery continues!…


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