BUO 607 – 21st birthday present in Paignton

BUO was registered in September or October of 1935 in Devon, chassis 230598. It has appeared in the Association magazine 1989C and D (was owned by Bachelors star Dec Cluskey 1967-87) and PWA7C mag March 2014.
Paul Cooper owned this car in the 1960s:
In the middle of July this year I was rummaging through a draw in the garage looking for something or other when I came across an old and grubby school exercise book of mine proudly bearing the words Birmingham Education Department on its front cover.

Opening the book it was obvious that I had torn out the pages of school work with therr inevitable “see me” teachers comments. Instead the first page now carried a record of my first Austin 7, a 1935 Nippy, bought as a 16 year old in July 1960, exactly 60 years ago.

I well remember selling my Hornby Dublo train set and Raleigh sports bike to raise some money for the purchase of a car which had to be either a good Sports Austin 7 or an MG J2. The M.Gs were all around £75 to £100 with a good Nippy a little less. Of course there was a lot of cars on offer for less but they all seemed to require lots of work or rebuilding.

Along with my father we eventually settled on a basically very good Nippy for £55, and being underage the vendor had to drive the car home for me. My notes in the book show that a lot of work was done on the car before I bought it, but equally the brakes and steering needed attention before it passed its 10 year test. It looks as though I got bored with logging everything once the first page was completed.

As a Lucas Apprentice the Nippy took me daily across Birmingham to the Lucas Engineering School or to the local Technical College for day release and night school. The standard apprentice transport was an A7 and most lunch times were spent trying to get someones car into a good enough state to get them home that evening. Lots of adventures followed, the Nippy eventually went to a new home in late 1962.

During a visit over Easter 1961 to Waterside Garage (130-132 Dartmouth Rd, Goodrington, Paignton, Devon TQ4 6ND) the Nippy was spotted by the elderly female employee.

The lady remembered the Nippy being presented by the garage owner, an Austin Garage, to his daughter as a 21st birthday present. Ironically we are researching another similar gift, with Lord Austin doing the handover, in Somerset!
I tried to track the former garage owners but to no avail. Who owns BUO now? Send some photos and we can add them here!
Here are more of Paul’s recollections from 1989:2020-06-30 13.44.49
Douglas Alderson believes the dealership may have been Soul and Saunders.
Torbay Express and South Devon Echo – Thursday 16 November 1939:

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