EPG 76 appeal

This car is on the register body number 475 with chassis number 205192 and registration number EPG76. The car was in Shropshire, Wellington/Telford in the late 1950s and early 1960s. EPG plates were registered in October and November 1936 in Surrey.

The current owner purchased the car just over a year ago, advertised on Ebay. It had been the vendor’s father’s car in the southwest and had owned it for about 15 years. Apparently it had been used for trialing which may explain why all the fittings and most of the original instruments had been stripped out!

Someone may recognise the car and have some further information for the current owner who is restoring it?

One thought on “EPG 76 appeal

  1. ‘A well travelled Nippy in 1936’

    Although the dates may not ring true I may have been the owner of this car for about a year during 1959-60. The colour was the same but the door panel looks as if it may have been one made up at home in aluminium by my father. I sold it with an A7 tuned engine and a spare that had a broken crankshaft. It had Bowden cable brakes on the front and the half-shafts had been lapped on to the hub plates to avoid breaking the woodruff keys. (A tip from 750 club race club members). A pair of larger spare rear wheels and tyres also went with it

    It was the door and colour that caught my attention.


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