a late 65 – EP 5802 body 328

EP 5802, a 1934 aluminium car originally registered in Montgomeryshire, was alerted to the archive. The previous owner passed away and new owners Janet and Steven Swallow would like to appeal to anyone who knows more about its earlier life as they continue to restore some of the interior panels to original. Its previous owners include Christopher Gordon in Birmingham, Robert Pollock in Nottingham, Robert Shaw in Middlesbrough and Tony Mallalieu in Huddersfield.

From the photos, it appears to be a very original car with evidence of good dash-pocket carpets which corroborate those found in other cars.

This appears to be the same car… anyone have any details of where the image was taken, who the legs belong to… or who might have arranged the shot?

One thought on “a late 65 – EP 5802 body 328

  1. I knew this car when it was in the ownership of Chris Gordon in the late 70s. I think it was green at the time (I might be wrong about this – he had a Speedy as well, which may have been the green one).
    His car was used as a ‘prop’ for a professional photographic shoot. The location was a former garage forecourt somehere in the Worcestershire/Herefordshire area.


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