PO 9515 memories

PO 9515 is one of the most well known 65s as it is featured in the Rinsey Mills book ‘Original Austin Seven’. One time owner Chris Keevill,  Editor for the Early M.G. Society recounts:

it’s a 65 Sports, not a Nippy. I particularly wanted an aluminium-bodied car.
It has the original Sports engine complete – in fact all the mechanical components are original. It took me years to find one that hadn’t been mucked about with by 750 club racers!
I bought it in bits from someone in Shrewsbury in about 1982 – for £1500, because everything was original, and even 40 years ago they were hard to find. It had aluminium body tub, including the scuttle top, boot lid and doors, but the floor was steel, as were the bonnet & wings. The joints between the aluminium body and the floor were very corroded.
Reg Pick (?) was the Nippy guru (from East Wellow, near Romsey) back in the 1980s. He had been a mobile trouble-shooter for The Austin Motor Co. in the 1930s. There was nothing he didn’t know about 65s & Nippies. He asked if I’d let him rebuild my engine after I’d had it rebored and white metalled – so I let him do it! It still had the fully machined crank-shaft & rods, with floating gudgeon pins.

It is one of the last 65s known – 1934 – with a stamped body number of 335. That is a prompt for ALL 65/Nippy owners to check you have body number recorded as it is one of the major checks for originality. If your carpet is stuck down, unstick in! 

PO 9515 continues to be well looked after it in its current ownership. Add memories here if you remember the car.


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