Maroon cars

This discussion of Cherry red has brought up Maroon in its closeness to the shades of the darker Cherry. Here is a comparison between the original sample match on the Gould Nippy and a Cherry red car:


Chris Gould: The colour card shows colour swatches obtained by Mike Jarrett who restored the maroon Basildon Bond car. The other sample came from Mike and was probably from this car. The second picture  – the round disc – shows the sample I took from behind my dashboard. It was obtained by polishing a disc in the lathe and then bonding it to the paint with Super Glue and then snapping it off.

This is the scan of the Belco Cherry Red by the Clubs Association:


This Belco ’36 Swatch shows Maroon with an uncharacteristically bright cherry.

All these images show that it may be difficult to gauge exactly what is maroon and what is cherry. The more forensic information that we can archive/document, the better. Please send your examples of original paint.

Here, another car matched from an original sample:

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