Portuguese Nippies

Parque Eduardo VII Circuit, Lisbon, 1934

On June 4, 1934, a crowd estimated at 30,000 people converged on Parque Eduardo VII in Lisbon to watch the sporting competitions held there under the watchful eye of the President of the Republic, Marshal Óscar Carmona. Motorbike and car races were held, as well as a car elegance contest. At the end of the program, the renowned “ace” Henrique Lehrfeld made a demonstration with his racing Bugatti, but after three laps he suffered a crash, pulled out three trees and the pilot ended up in the hospital. Manuel Nunes dos Santos in Hillman Minx, Rui Gonçalves in Austin, Albano Gomes in Austin, António Guedes de Herédia in Morris, Armando Pombo in MG, Elmano Ribeiro in SS and Virgílio Barroso in Lancia participated in the “Sport” race.

JJ Goncalves was a long term Austin Agent in Portugal with a long racing history.

Originally found here thanks to Helmut Kasimirowicz


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