Original sidescreens

There is now evidence from two late cars – 1937 – that suggest that Austin screens were to this pattern, in two folding pieces. Very different to the other, more common, pattern parts from aftermarket suppliers, as they were designed only for use with the wind deflectors also fitted to 1937 cars. Many cars have been retrofitted with side screens as per the other post here – fitting in the entire space between hood, door and windscreen. Can you add more information to support the hypothesis? It is suggested that all other patterns are aftermarket, and that cars prior to the … Continue reading Original sidescreens

Steering column cover plate

The 65/Nippy steering column cover plate screws onto the floorplan near the pedals, and is specific to the model. The pressing is the same basic shape as the one found on the earlier Ulster (below) but the angle is different, the pressing deeper and the upper rim longer. Chris Gould created a wooden mould to re-create an Ulster one and by removing its angled base, the greater depth of the 65/Nippy one could be hammered out in a sheet of thin mild steel screwed down to the hardwood former. This is the comparison of the results with the base to … Continue reading Steering column cover plate

Anyone remember or own DTN 426?

A past owner reminisces: It was mine in 1968, I rescued it from a burnt out building and it was in a bad way, but complete, and had a proper Speedy engine in it. Because Pitmans book of the Austin Seven described the sports model as having this engine I did not place a particularly high value on it – I thought at the time that all Nippys had it. But in fairness I was only 16 at the time! I last heard of it going through Edmonds Auction partially restored several years ago. I also had two 65 cars; I have to confess … Continue reading Anyone remember or own DTN 426?

Hood evidence

The discovery of this picture from the late 1936 Paris Motor show clarifies some of the non-Austin designs that have crept into Nippy usage. The presumably 1937 model car – one of the last – clearly shows the same style of hood seen in the 1933 technical drawing. The two images of the same car (below) shows what has happened through time, with a lovely comparison (perhaps taken in the 1960s and the 1990s?) of what looks like a new hood uppermost, flap provision for side screens, and a curved door line. The lower picture shows a later hood replacement, … Continue reading Hood evidence

Windscreen rubber for Nippy & 65

June 2016 Update: This is the new rubber that Chris Gould sourced from a tiny section of his original rubber and has now had manufactured.

windscreen rubber

screen rubber1Here is a period drawing of the screen rubber in a 1933 roadtest. It appears to be flat rather than curved, and coming from the centre of the attachment profile. Any thoughts on choices from the selection of modern profiles listed below? What have you used? Continue reading “Windscreen rubber for Nippy & 65”

Thoughts on Production figures and the Register of surviving 65, Nippy and 75/Speedy

It seems reasonable that after 80 years, the surviving cars should give a good basis for extrapolation and comparison to the perceived total production figures, without much knowledge of anything else. Statements made in respected Austin Seven texts can be tested using the statistics available. It seems that the number of Nippies producted was massively over-estimated.

Continue reading “Thoughts on Production figures and the Register of surviving 65, Nippy and 75/Speedy”

A vintage wheel

I chanced upon a lone wheel from a house clearance. Its role (roll?) now lost, an 85 year old marooned in a modern, changed world. What struck me was the detail of neglect, inattention and obscurity. Lost paint, a bright hue now faded to something jewel-like; the construction of the ATS-brand remould, dating from perhaps 50 years ago. Rough and rudimentary attention to preserve or fix, now giving patina and delight. Still holding air, still basically sound, just needing an oily-rag vehicle to act as a spare for, to give it some purpose again. Continue reading A vintage wheel

Austin Seven Sports Two-Seater Spare Parts List 1169 (Type 65 EB65 & Nippy) pub. 1936

The first Special Sports Parts list by Austin, reproduced in full here courtesy of Squeak on Austin Seven Friends; forum here.

Click on images for full screen gallery and to comment on individual pages. This one printed in 1936, but dealing with 1933/4 cars:
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