Lost cars?

These are not on the Survivors’ Register or DVLA computer. Can you help? They may be in a barn or lock-up somewhere, or turn up at a probate auction. Or suggest something for this list!

ACV 272 was enquired about by David Eyre in the PWA7C magazine in 2015. It is on the DVLA computer, registered September 1934 and recorded as red in colour. Its actually a ’65’; chassis 185309 (making body number approximately in the 220s) and on the survivors register as green and with the PWA7C.  dav

DM 8750, a 65, is featured in a post on the archive. 20171125_153325

OC 2763 is likely a ’65’, registered in Birmingham some time after May 1933 and probably before 1934. The photo was taken c. 1951-2 on Barr Beacon, 9 miles from Birmingham.

Chassis 225477 has been known to the Register, but not for 20 years. The BKR 988 plate has been seen on a Mini Cooper competing in Germany, but it is no longer on the DVLA computer. 225477 BKR 988

APH 984 is a 65 which had an earlier 65 body (perhaps tunnel stamped 40 or 50). Sold as a runner. Not listed anywhere.