Lost cars?

These are not on the Survivors’ Register or DVLA computer. Can you help? They may be in a barn or lock-up somewhere, or turn up at a probate auction. Or suggest something for this list!

DM 8750, a 65, is featured in a post on the archive. 20171125_153325

OC 2763 is likely a ’65’, registered in Birmingham some time after May 1933 and probably before 1934. The photo was taken c. 1951-2 on Barr Beacon, 9 miles from Birmingham.

Chassis 225477 has been known to the Register, but not for 20 years. The BKR 988 plate has been seen on a Mini Cooper competing in Germany, but it is no longer on the DVLA computer. 225477 BKR 988

APH 984 is a 65 which had an earlier 65 body (perhaps tunnel stamped 40 or 50). Sold as a runner. Not listed anywhere.