One owner with 65 steering wheel and (longer) steering tube/box looking for a swap with later (shorter) Nippy unit for 1936 car – make contact!

make contact for vendors of:

193509 and 223703 Nippy crankcases

S-marked Nippy gearbox

cowl in steel

nippy radiator

wings – pattern required for new

Lucas 4J junction box body (65 headlight wiring/Nippy steering column wiring)

O/S headlamp bracket, possibly repro

rear suspension link (Sports – the longer ones)

reproduction screen pillar pair for Nippy/65

’65’ clutch pedal

Nippy/65 steerer arm new reproduction (if yours is horizontal, or slopes upwards, its not a Sports…)

windscreen-body beading/seal (remade by Chris Gould to original spec)

Nippy inlet/exhaust manifolds reproduction

Nippy hood frame reproduction

Nippy screen turnbuckles

Nippy hood rail fasteners reproduction

lower jack mounting block kits – to be available soon

TWO BODY JIGS FOR NIPPY/65 restoration now taken

wheeled wooden frame to store body over the chassis while restoring

Former for making the front of Nippy rear wheel arches. Free to collector: contact Chris Gould  – TAKEN

20160916_104032 20160916_142528 20160916_142755

65/Nippy Screen rubbers available from Chris Gould direct: gould323 ‘at’
(For non-UK requests, send a note to eb65 ‘at’

Special Nippy head gaskets have been made by Ian Williams. “I am afraid that all sports head gaskets have now been sold, I will not be getting more made unless I have a minimum order quantity of 10. Currently I am about to get a batch of solid copper gaskets made which are of course reusable and are far better at transferring heat between head and block, however they will be to standard HC profile rather than Sports. There is currently not enough demand for me to finance a batch of Sports gaskets and then hold them in stock for the occasional sale, however if I could get enough expressions of interest I will produce solid copper gaskets to Sports profile, we have produced the Cad patterns ready to go. Cost for a small batch would likely be in the region of $85NZ each, but remember they will be mechanically stronger, and can be annealed and reused many times.”  (July 2017)

Publications specific to the 65 and Nippy:

A Guide to the Austin “65” and Nippy Paperback (2004) by Christopher Gould, 94 pages ISBN: 0953491412 available from Chris Gould direct: gould 323 ‘at’

Gould Liddon publication

These also have information that 65 and Nippy owners will benefit from:
Doug Woodrow Workshop Manual
Austin Seven – The Motor for the Million: R.J Wyatt

image collections for body restoration:
Dave Griffith’s inspiring Nippy body restoration images here
some ash frame pics here

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