Values/for sale

One person currently seeking an original car for renovation – please get in touch!

current cars alerted as being for sale:

late Sept 2019

various complete Nippy projects £7-9k Southern Sevens here

1935 Nippy LHD, yellow, Portugal 18,500 euro here

LHD Nippy barn find project pictured in one of the posts on this site. c.£8,000

sold archive:

1934 Nippy project here £6.5K

1935 Nippy, blue, Somerset £18,750 here

one 65 here for further restoration but that was running well a year or so back (I have more photos of the work areas required – please contact). SOLD

May 2018 – SOLD Atlantic Green Nippy 1935, fairly original except engine, no floors, V5 £6550 ebay (featured in posts on this site)

April 2018 – SOLD – 1935 Nippy; very original, comprehensively renovated but with some 1960s modifications – 17″ wheels, new engineer-built Phoenix crank and rods etc. Photographic records from 1930s, then 1960s onwards as well as restoration of body and engine. Archive of photos here. advertised at £15,000

Sold – A professionally rebuilt crack-tested 1.5″ crank 65 engine/box/VE1 carb £5500

March 2018 – Sold – 1935 restored car, original engine, advertised at £18,995

Nippy body 775 for sale in Netherlands, RHD £21,800 sold here

nice late Nippy, original engine at Robin Lawton for sale £18,750 sold

Nippy chassis/body no V5 for restoration, £5595 (Aug 2016; Car and Classic private web listing)

Nippy Anglia Auction (18 June 2016) £9870 inc commissions here

‘fair’ condition Nippy Richard Edmonds Auction (18 June 2016) £7504 inc commissions

good early 1934 Nippy £19,040 (£17,000 +buyers commission) Brightwells May 2016 here

£20,475 good solid “but not concours” car (April 2016, Anglia Auction, and more images here from Bridge Classics who sold it in 2015 before it returned as a part exchange)

£5700, for restoration, logbook (2016, ebay)

£18,000 restored car (2015 sale)

£13,500 good original car (2015 advert)

another interesting 2015 ad here

£5600 barnfind (Dec 2015 ebay sale), no docs here

£11220 useable, needs cosmetics, auction (2014 sale) here


65, 1933, good condition, carb, but not original engine £16,950 dealer Aug 2016

65, 1933, dismantled, V5, non-Austin engine & other amendments sold Ebay £9000 Aug 2016

65 chassis registered ’34, well sorted Special body, H&H auction sale £10,000 incl. commissions Nov 2106

65 needing small works, private sale on Ebay £12,000 starting bid

65 chassis with altered body (Richard Edmonds auction) 18 June 2016 £6720 inc commissions

£19,000 all original, late car, private sale, Apr 2016 advert here

£8600 (Dec 2015 ebay sale) barnfind needing full restoration, matching numbers; here

£15120 (2013 sale) auction here

£18,500 (sale) auction here

£24,995 (advert) dealer, non-original plate here

£11,424 (Jul 2012 sale) barnfind, modified, auction here

Any more additions? Please make contact and they will be added to the list.