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October 2018

1935 Nippy LHD, yellow, Portugal 18,500 euro here

1935 Nippy, blue, Somerset £18,750 here

1936 Nippy £14,500 here I.O.W

1933 very early 65 with non-standard engine, maroon, here £13,500 Salisbury area (I still have a contact for this car should anyone want to investigate further)

LHD Nippy barn find project pictured in one of the posts on this site. c.£8,000

1935 Nippy, light blue, Somerset here £18,750

sold archive:

1936 Nippy; rebuilt engine with a Phoenix crank, lightened flywheel, Carillo rods, SU carb, and SU pump. Tim Myall camshaft and a close ratio gearbox; Nippy head and sump but not Nippy block. Late Ruby back axle with modern shock absorbers. LEDS/6 volts. It has flashing indicators and also semaphore arms. Windscreen is not standard but is better as you aren’t looking through the top bar when driving. Green with black wings. The overall condition is good but not concours. However it wouldn’t take much to make it into one however it is really a car that is fun to drive, very responsive and with a straight through silencer sounds really good. It stops well also. It has always been run on Castrol R so has a nice perfume about it. Side screens. Tyres are in very good condition. South-East. £14,500 – SOLD

one 65 here for further restoration but that was running well a year or so back (I have more photos of the work areas required – please contact). SOLD

May 2018 – SOLD Atlantic Green Nippy 1935, fairly original except engine, no floors, V5 £6550 ebay (featured in posts on this site)

April 2018 – SOLD – 1935 Nippy; very original, comprehensively renovated but with some 1960s modifications – 17″ wheels, new engineer-built Phoenix crank and rods etc. Photographic records from 1930s, then 1960s onwards as well as restoration of body and engine. Archive of photos here. advertised at £15,000

Sold – A professionally rebuilt crack-tested 1.5″ crank 65 engine/box/VE1 carb £5500

March 2018 – Sold – 1935 restored car, original engine, advertised at £18,995

Nippy body 775 for sale in Netherlands, RHD £21,800 sold here

nice late Nippy, original engine at Robin Lawton for sale £18,750 sold

Nippy chassis/body no V5 for restoration, £5595 (Aug 2016; Car and Classic private web listing)

Nippy Anglia Auction (18 June 2016) £9870 inc commissions here

‘fair’ condition Nippy Richard Edmonds Auction (18 June 2016) £7504 inc commissions

good early 1934 Nippy £19,040 (£17,000 +buyers commission) Brightwells May 2016 here

£20,475 good solid “but not concours” car (April 2016, Anglia Auction, and more images here from Bridge Classics who sold it in 2015 before it returned as a part exchange)

£5700, for restoration, logbook (2016, ebay)

£18,000 restored car (2015 sale)

£13,500 good original car (2015 advert)

another interesting 2015 ad here

£5600 barnfind (Dec 2015 ebay sale), no docs here

£11220 useable, needs cosmetics, auction (2014 sale) here


65, 1933, good condition, carb, but not original engine £16,950 dealer Aug 2016

65, 1933, dismantled, V5, non-Austin engine & other amendments sold Ebay £9000 Aug 2016

65 chassis registered ’34, well sorted Special body, H&H auction sale £10,000 incl. commissions Nov 2106

65 needing small works, private sale on Ebay £12,000 starting bid

65 chassis with altered body (Richard Edmonds auction) 18 June 2016 £6720 inc commissions

£19,000 all original, late car, private sale, Apr 2016 advert here

£8600 (Dec 2015 ebay sale) barnfind needing full restoration, matching numbers; here

£15120 (2013 sale) auction here

£18,500 (sale) auction here

£24,995 (advert) dealer, non-original plate here

£11,424 (Jul 2012 sale) barnfind, modified, auction here

Any more additions? Please make contact and they will be added to the list.