photo register of Austin 65 EB65 Sports

There are plenty of images floating around on the web, and with a little interrogation of the Survivors Register, here are alloy-bodied cars shown in ascending chassis number order, left to right. The A7CA Register for the 65 presently starts at chassis 165448, and ends around 193712 but with 65 spec cars still being recorded into the 196000s. There are approximately 115 register entries for 65s out of perhaps 340 original cars – can you suggest one that needs to be added here?

That takes us to approaching 180,000, the 1933 build cars. Then:

and from 185,000 onto the final 65s and the first alloy bodied ‘transition’ Nippys:

The cars below appear or are noted as 65s, but are either not on the Register or cannot be further investigated from the imagery/information in the public domain:

Eric Barrass memories here“I never aspired to a new motorcycle or car until the generous 21st birthday present from my father – an Austin 65 in bright scarlet.” If you want to add your car, send me an image! Some auction cars and sale results:

Some of these are Flickr images copyright Austin7Nut (Clive Barker); see his excellent archive here.






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