The Alpine Trial Railton by Peter Crosby

A limited edition print. original 20150314_7312 This artwork (image 24″ x 19″) is in the family, and in 1991 we did a short limited edition. I have just found a few remaining prints and realised that this was done at a time pre-digitisation. So I am posting some information here for posterity. R.L. Richardson’s Railton Terraplane Berkeley-bodied Tourer is shown, with the Lagonda M45 of A.E. Dobell in pursuit. Richardson had never driven in the Alps before! Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 13.52.16 Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 13.56.49 Peter Crosby was the son of F. Gordon-Crosby. The painting was originally presented to my uncle’s father Billy Warn in 1936 by the Directors of University Motors in recognition of a travelling mechanic role to Nuvolari in an MG Magnette; apparently a ‘record breaking trip from their Park Lane showrooms to those in Cambridge’. That one needs further research. Here is some information on one of the Alpine Trial Railtons now in the States. This Pathé Film captures the winning British team members led by Mrs. Wisdom. (R.L. Richardson was in an ‘individuals’ class)

2 thoughts on “The Alpine Trial Railton by Peter Crosby

  1. Thanks for the excellent poster.

    In your story text above you infer that more than one Railton competed in the 1934 Alpine Trial, and yet the Aug. 1934 Motor Sport report listed just the one entry. After searching the Sep. 1934 Motor Sport full report I discovered that H. J. Davids was also driving a Railton Terraplane, and also won a Glacier Cup. So there were two entered.

    In your link to the US published http://www.conceptcarz web page I note that the author Daniel Vaughan in Jul 2015 writes the following about the green car with traditional but non-standard wire wheels. “This example is one of two Railton factory entries in the 1934 Alpine Trails, where it scored a perfect 1,000 points and was awarded the winner’s cup. The body was built by Berkeley, one of several to supply bodies to Railton.”

    I guess what he meant was, “and was awarded one of The Glacier Cups”.

    So, do you know if either car were a factory entry? And do you know where the car depicted in your print lives today if it has survived?

    I’ll toss these questions to the Railton Owners Club also.

    Jim Scammell


  2. The green Railton in the USA is supposed to be the Richardson car, although I am not aware of any proof of this. I have written a story on Hans Davids, the other entry in the Alpine Trial, for The Bulletin (ROC magazine) last year. He also drove it in some other events, including the Spa 10 hours. Nothing is known about his Railton. Neither entry was a factory car, although Reid Railton came out and provided mental support to Davids.
    I also wrote for The Bulletin about a Portugese team who finished fourth in the 1934 Rallye Monte Carlo. Unfortunately they were too careful in the final braking test, otherwise they would have had a podium position. We know that car was trashed and the engine ended up in a Bugatti.
    Mr. R.L. Richardson is a major mysterie to all, I have not been able to find out anything about him.


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