original Nippy wiring 1936 and 1937

This loom was present in a 1937 car stored since 1954, after the crankshaft broke.

Several have commented independently that it is as other original looms they have seen: “All the original looms I’ve seen have faded colours and degraded rubber insulation beneath the fabric”.

For comparison, look at this car, manufactured a year earlier. No major changes are thought to have been made to the car other than patching and renewal, and thus there are still vestiges of “old” wiring up under the dashboard. There is also some armoured wiring coming in from the run from the rear of the car:

This is a comparison of the 1937 loom with an Autosparks loom remade to replace it. The clips behind the engine are steel and tie-wrapped to the old loom. There are some extra earthing wires for the head and sidelights but otherwise it as close to the specification as possible. This owner also had a PCB made, allowing the fusing of the circuits and removing the heavy lighting loads from the PLC switch, allowing the brake lights to be flashed as indicators.

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