bonnet rest rubber section

Austin literature and press images for new cars did not appear to show ANY sign of rubber for the bonnet rest area.

The first cars photographed by the factory did show a rubber. This was used for the Light Car road test of the 65 in June 1933.

Light Car June 1933 test car photo

This section was found on a car which must have been once-restored, and is wrong!

This is the proper section, and please make contact if you have original examples, or wish to propose a different hypothesis! It would be helpful to know who has this in stock currently; please add a comment.

A post on bonnet rubber clamping plates (as below) is here.

Both sections discussed above also appear to be here.


One thought on “bonnet rest rubber section

  1. Just seen the bonnet rubber article. I am replacing one with a very similar section to the one you have posted as correct which I obtained from the Seven Workshop, North Walsham, Norfolk. It is listed in their brochure as being used from 1923 to 1934. From 1935 to 1939 they list a bonnet rest webbing. Not sure if this is right?

    I have just removed the bonnet clamping plates from Mabel. 3/16th BSF countersunk machine screws were used to hold it in place and the hole centers were 34 mm apart. Underneath the the plate was very old perished rubber but no spacer on the screw shaft to prevent the rubber been over-compressed. I do know if there was originally a narrow spacer or not but looking at the first picture in the archive article on these clamping plates the right hand screw in the first picture does appear to have one. Thoughts from others? It could just be the angle of the photo.


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